Membership available!

And here we are after over 1 year and 5 months. I finally managed to make membership available on I’m really excited that I eventually made it. Also this is last update with my current camera and equipment. It was doing great job and great shots but next update will be done with my new tools so I can give you guys even better quality. I want to thank all my supporters which allowed me to afford that. I couldn’t afford it without you. I can assure you that I will invest in more improvements in the future.

If you guys have any opinions on anything just contact me. I’m happy to upgrade some things after your comments. You think there should be another membership option? Message me, I will review it. You want certain model to have another update on my site? Message me and I will try to make it happen. This site has always been created with your help and I want it to stay this way.

So in this exciting day on new update we’ve got Kinia – girl which helped me with justyoungfeet from beggining and became my business partner. I’ve already been saying that but she’s got best foot fetish sense I’ve ever seen. She can make perfect show with her feet. She knows what we like. This time in pretty dress (finally showing her legs :D), with white toenails, she will amaze you guys.

Remember that you don’t buy blind – you can check out HQ pics previews and full HD video previews in gallery section. For membership info check out ‘join’ tab on and I hope you will enjoy!

girl with sexy sweaty feet showing membership info