Q: What do I get when I buy membership?
A: You will have access to all imagesets and videos on justyoungfeet.com. Additionaly you will have access to extra materials such as gifs, not published videos, photosets and any other extra materials.

Q: How do I pay for my membership?
A: There is only PayPal single payment available. If payment succeeded you will have access to membership zone instantly.

Q: Is there guaranted amout of updates?
A: Yes. There are at least 2 main updates each week - one video (at least 6 minutes) and one imageset (about 100-160 pictures). There will also be various extras updates (including at least 2 gifs a week).

Q: I was registering but payment failed and now registration form says that user already exists. What's the problem?
A: User have been created, even if payment failed. You need to log in, go into 'my account', then 'membership level' tab, then 'buy membership' tab and try again.

Q: My membership ended. How do I buy new one?
A: You need to log in, go into 'my account', then 'membership level' tab, then 'buy membership' tab. You can choose your membership option there and buy it. You can also check all options in 'our pricing' page.

Q: Can I extend my membership?
A: No. You can only buy new one after previous membership ended. If you buy new membership during your current membership, subscription time won't add up.

Q: I bought new membership before previous ended and subscription time didn't add up. What do I do?
A: You should have waited until your previous membership ended as subscription time won't add up. In that case contact me at info@justyoungfeet.com and we will fix it.

Q: I have problems with logging in. What do I do?
A: Please check if you entered login and password correctly. Don't copy and paste it as it may generate errors. In any case you can contact me at info@justyoungfeet.com. I will respond and help as quickly as I can.

Q: I forgot my password. What do I do?
A: Use password reminder on login page. In case you can't get it anyway, contact me and we will figure something out.

Q: What are pictures and videos formats and resolutions?
A: Pictures are jpg files and have at least 4200 x 2791 pixels. You can download whole set of pictuers in zip format. Videos are full HD mp4 files (1920 x 1080).